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Anna Kostikova

Anna Kostikova, Ph.D., Senior Director @ Monte Rosa Therapeutics, ex-Director of Data Science and Machine Learning at Novartis, co-founder of Asylia Diagnostics, advisor and mentor for biotech and life science early-stage companies on the intersection of AI/ML. Founded 3 companies. While Anna’s core specialty is on the intersection of biotech / life science / healthcare and the utilisation of AI and machine learning, her dedication extends beyond technology and healthcare. Deeply passionate about supporting children with post-war PTSD, she joined Care for Kids Now. Her passion stems from a personal connection: her father was a brilliant psychotherapist who specifically worked with children with post-traumatic disorders. Anna believes that to foster long-lasting positive societal effects, it’s pivotal to ensure children receive maximum care and psychological safety. Her belief is anchored in the principle that by addressing the psychological wounds of the young, we create a foundation for a healthier society. In her quest to realize this vision, she’s vigorously supporting “Care for Kids Now” in its fundraising initiatives. Anna believes that together, with our combined efforts, we can illuminate a brighter path for children worldwide.

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