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Alexander Borg

I have a deep commitment to helping others, and I have been involved in humanitarian work for many years. Before joining CareForKidsNow, I supported refugees during the 2015 migration crisis and volunteered for multiple animal rights organizations.

Despite living in Sweden and in the relative safely that we have here, it came naturally to do what I could, with the means that I have available, to provide the best help that I can for the Ukranian people. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I have focused my efforts on helping the Ukrainian people and the Armes Forces. The first truck that me and a friend drove down was in the first week of the war, and it contained several tonnes of food, medicine, and water containers to Ukraine. Since then, the work has evolved and the passion only grown stronger. To date, truck number 26 has entered Ukraine with vital aid, such as 300 generators, 150 drones, communications equipment and a transformer which is today a small but vital part of the Ukranian electric grid.

Together with CareForKidsNow I hope to be able to provide even more vital help and aid for the most vulnerable, the children.

I am passionate about helping children in need, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with CareForKidsNow to make a difference in the lives of Ukrainian children.

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