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Olena Shevchenko

I am a person with an active life position, volunteer, mother of adorable twins, an active member of society, chief accountant, a graduate student of the National Research Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”, head of the Boyar city organization VO “Svoboda”, loving wife of a soldier, living with a heart and love for children.

After becoming a mother I realized that I could do more than just take care of my children, so I went to Donbas. The war in Donbas has dragged on and on since 2014,
and I noticed that the people there and around weren’t getting the help I wished they did. So my friends and I went there and we volunteered at the center of social and psychological rehabilitation for children in the Donetsk region.
We did our best to help as many of them as possible and of course also the children of the killed-in-battle members of the anti-terrorist operation, children from low-income families, and children from other orphanages in my Kyiv region. And every time I completed one of these projects, I couldn’t, and can’t now, hold back tears for one simple reason – I know how these kids feel. I know for myself. I see in their eyes what I once felt and what I carry throughout my life. That’s why I do what I do.

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