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How we started

Care for Kids Now – Orphanage Foundation was founded by Guy Horowitz, inspired by his volunteer work with Ukrainian refugees during the first month of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine of February 2022. Witnessing the urgent plea for help from a mother of three on the news, Guy felt compelled to take immediate action. On the second day of the war he closed his clinic in Amsterdam, left his loyal dog Kafka with his friends and embarked on a journey to Ukraine, driven by the goal of providing assistance to those in need.

Guy became involved in a project to evacuate 800 people from Odessa to safety, ending up in Romania. As they settled in an empty hotel along the Black Sea, they faced numerous challenges. Many individuals were ill, the children suffered from lice infestations, and there was only one nurse among the evacuees. Determined to help, they embarked on a mission to obtain as much as possible medical supplies. They traveled to different cities and pharmacies to gather as much as possible for the kids.

Driven by their mission and the needs of the children, they gathered various items and medicines based on a list they had compiled. The women at the pharmacy, touched by their purpose, couldn’t contain their emotions and started crying. One of the women handed Guy a bag filled with children’s medication and toys, expressing her heartfelt sympathy, saying, “I am sorry for your country.” 

Within the group of evacuees, a significant number were pre-war orphans. This deeply resonated with Guy, as he had always been passionate about working with children in need.
The experience during this time left a lasting impact on him. The acts of kindness and empathy demonstrated by complete strangers showcased the remarkable aspects of human compassion.

Motivated by these experiences, Guy founded Care for Kids Now – Orphanage Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of orphaned children, particularly those in smaller, less recognized orphanages that often lack support from larger organizations, as for any child in need- war children and the less fortunate. Care for Kids Now strives to provide a safe and fulfilling environment for these children, addressing their physical, emotional, and psychological needs.

The foundation’s journey started with a powerful spark of compassion and has since grown into a dedicated effort to make a positive difference in the lives of orphaned children. By channeling the kindness and empathy witnessed during their volunteer work, Care for Kids Now aims to bring hope and a brighter future to vulnerable children, one step at a time.

Evolution of the foundation

As news of Guy’s location spread, his patients and friends eagerly offered their support, primarily through monetary donations.
Many individuals wanted to contribute directly to Guy, ensuring their donations would directly benefit the children in need.

While Guy redirected some donors to larger orphanage foundations after conducting research, others insisted on sending their contributions directly to him.
Simultaneously, the foundation received local support in the form of clothing and toys.

Inspired by the joy simple gestures brought to the children, Guy realized the importance of creating memorable moments for them.
This sparked the idea of a platform dedicated to maximizing positive experiences for orphaned children.

During his time with the refugees, Guy also recognized the remarkable kindness of the nannies and caregivers.
This led to his desire to support orphanages more broadly, especially those outside the reach of larger organizations.

Guy’s realization of the growing number of orphanages in deplorable conditions became his driving purpose.
He was motivated to establish his own foundation to provide support to these smaller orphanages, and children in need that often go unnoticed by larger organizations.

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