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Anna Kikabidze

With eight years of marketing experience in various industries such as fashion, culture and health care, I am thrilled to join the Care for Kids Now team. My name is Anna Kikabidze, and my passion for volunteering has always led me to support causes involving children and animals.

Coming from a background where my own country, Georgia, faces the challenges of occupation by an aggressor, I deeply understand the importance of organizations like Care for Kids Now. This cause holds a special place in my heart, as I can empathize with the struggles faced by vulnerable children.

Bringing my marketing expertise to the table, I am eager to contribute to the team’s efforts in amplifying our message, raising awareness, and making a tangible impact on the lives of these children. Over the years, I have developed a knack for innovative ideas and strategic thinking, and I believe these skills will be instrumental in advancing the mission of Care for Kids Now.

I am honoured for the opportunity to collaborate with the team, combining our talents and dedication to bring about positive change and the sole aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the children we serve.

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