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Guy Horowitz

Guy Horowitz is the founder and owner of a clinic in the heart of Amsterdam, where he works as a physical and manual therapist, together with his loyal dog Kafka, welcoming patients 7 days a week.

Since graduating from the European School of Physiotherapy in 2009, Guy has worked in Amsterdam and in Tel Aviv as a physical therapist in both private practices and sports teams. He had the pleasure of being the head physio of the Israeli national basketball team U-18 as well as Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Upon graduating with his Masters in manual therapy in 2015 he decided to open his own private practice in the heart of Amsterdam – Fysio Huis.

He trains in mixed martial arts, and powerlifting. Other than that he loves reading psychology and philosophy books. 

Guy began volunteering with underprivileged children at the age of 16. His involvement in February/March of 2022 in Ukraine has reignited this passion and he now wants to use his experiences and understanding to reach more and do more for these children in need.   

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