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Mark Bongard

Mark Bongard studied Notarial Law at the University of Utrecht and began his work at the Ministry of Finance in The Hague in the department of International Fiscal Law. Seven years later, he had to make a decision to either continue as a tax lawyer or practice notarial law. 

He decided to do the latter and accepted a job as a deputy civil law notary at one of the bigger notarial offices in Amsterdam. Six years later he felt the urge to leave employment and become “his own boss”, and in 1987 he was appointed as a single civil law notary in a small notarial practice in Amsterdam. 

A year and a half later he was asked by a big international law firm to set up the notarial department for their Amsterdam office and in 1991, became an international partner of the firm. He then retired in 2015.

Mark continues to serve on the board of several smaller NGOs, incorporated by groups of individuals who are highly motivated to make the world a better place all the while being extremely organized and economically efficient.

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