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Valeriia Shynkarova

Valeriіa Shynkarova is a mother of 5 children,
Ukrainian, adviser to the mayor of Cherkasy on
issues of education and humanitarian policy.
I have three higher educations, the owner of a
kindergarten and primary school “SOVA kid’s
space”, a curator of social projects for children in

Helping children during wartime is extremely
important for many reasons:

Protection from physical and psychological
trauma: Children are particularly vulnerable in
times of war. They may be victims of physical
trauma as well as experience serious
psychological and emotional difficulties such as
stress injuries, depression, anxiety and more.
Helping children during conflict can reduce the
risk of these negative consequences.

Education provision: War can result in the
cessation of children’s education due to destroyed
schools and loss of access to educational
institutions. Providing access to education for

children during war helps them develop the skills
and knowledge they need for the future.

Ensuring safety and protection: Children in times
of war may be at risk due to conflict situations,
child labor, or separation from their families. Aid
ensures their safety and protection from physical
and sexual exploitation, use as soldiers, etc.

Social adaptation and support: It is important to
provide children with psychosocial support and
help them adapt to the negative effects of war.
This may include therapy, psychological support,
support from peer groups with similar
experiences, and facilitating a return to normal life
after war.

The future of society: Children are the future of
society, and their well-being and development are
important for future stability and peace. If children
grow up in broken conditions with insufficient
access to education and psychological support,
this can create problems in the future.

In general, helping children during war is a moral
and humanitarian obligation, and it contributes not

only to the well-being of the children themselves,
but also to the stability of society as a whole.

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